WE RELOCATED! We are now on 2193 4th Street in Beautiful Downtown White Bear Lake, MN

About Me

Sass Boutique Owner
As long as I can remember, I have always had a passion for fashion.


My very first job at the age of 16 was working at a retail department store in Wausau, Wisconsin, called Prange's. I was a cashier in the accessory department and I LOVED it! I loved dressing up, wearing makeup and wearing fancy jewelry. I knew then I would continue being a fashion guru.


I pierced my own ears when I was about 13. I pretended to be sick and stayed home from school. I froze my ears with ice cubes and proceeded to stick a pointed earring in each ear. While my two siblings spent their money on having a professional do their ears, I spent my money on Barbie dolls. Needless to say, 5-6 hours later they were pierced. And I wore them proudly!


My husband, Marko, is from Croatia.  This allows me to travel with him around the world to places like Paris, Croatia, London, New York and L.A., where I spend endless hours sipping my cappuccino while people watching and observing the latest trends. I am in fashion heaven! I travel to L.A several times a year to hand pick beautiful collections that are unique and you wouldn't usually find in Minnesota.


My love for all human beings is what motivates me to educate people and advise them of the latest trends to flatter their body shape. I don't judge. I help people step out of their comfort zone and discover the beautiful person they truly are. I believe beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.


Customers appreciate my honesty and genuine personality. I came up with the name Sass for my boutique because I have a zest for fashion and for life. With a splash of SASS.


Welcome to the new you!